RQ-8 - High-Performance Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Amazing Strapping Speed
    1.5 seconds per strapping cycle - That's 40 straps per minute!

  • Self-Correcting Technology
    Unique self-correcting mechanisms are built into the RQ-8 operation. If the RQ-8 is operated accidentally without a package on the table, the strap will form a small loop which will be automatically ejected from the sealing unit leaving the machine ready for the next cycle.

  • Easy Strap Loading
    Newly developed loading system free of complicated devices makes strap threading almost completely automatic - it's just a touch of a lever.

  • Permanently Lubricated Mechanisms
    Strapack's self-lubricating design has an unsurpassed reputation for its durability and maintenance-free operation.

  • Quick Heater
    Ready to operate in less than 25 seconds. Designed to insure high seal joint.

  • Self-diagnostic
    A programmable microprocessor constantly monitors critical functions. Any irregularity sensed is immediately displayed.

  • Portable
    Heavy-duty metal casters allow for the machine to be quickly installed or moved to any Single Phase power supply outlet.

  • Variable Tension
    A wide range of tension is available to the operator by use of a single tension dial. Tension capability up to 80kg (equivalent to 150mm stroke).

  • Dependable
    Strapack's advanced bandway design assures perfect strap placement and eliminates any twisted straps.
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