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Polyolefin (POF film) is a plastic used in packaging. It has many good features, making it popular.

Features of POF Film

  • First, this film is clear and shiny. This makes products look good. It is also strong and tough, so it does not tear easily.
  • POF film is very flexible, meaning it can wrap around items of different shapes. When you heat it, it shrinks evenly, perfect for shrink wrapping.
  • Also, it is safe for food because the FDA approves it for direct food contact.


This film is used in many ways. It wraps food like fruits, vegetables, bread, and meat because it is clear, strong, and safe. It also wraps toys, books, and other things in stores because it looks nice and protects well. Factories use it to bundle items like bottles and cans with shrink sealer because it is strong and flexible.


There are two main types of this film. The first is cross-linked film, which is very strong and heat-resistant, good for fast machines. The second is non-cross-linked film, which is cheaper and used for many general purposes.

Benefits of POF FILM

This film is good for the environment because it can be recycled. It is cost-effective, meaning it offers good quality for its price. It can be used in many ways because of its useful features.

Comparison with PVC

POF film is better than PVC film because it is kinder to the environment and clearer and more flexible. Compared to PET film, This film is less rigid, making it better for flexible packaging.


In conclusion, This film is a very useful packaging material. It is strong, clear, and flexible, and it is also good for the environment. Many industries use it for packing food and other items. As a pof film packing machine manufacturer we also supply the film at a wholesale price for you! check it now!


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