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Automatic Carton Sealer


Automatic Carton Sealing Machine DQFXC5045


The DQFXC5045 Automatic Carton Sealing Machine offers automatic sealing for various industries. With adjustable tape width and sealing size, it ensures efficient and precise packaging.

  • Model: DQFXC5045X
  • Power Source: 220V, 50Hz, 240W
  • Sealing Speed: 1000pcs (standard size) per hour
  • Tape Width: 36, 48 mm
  • Max Sealing Size: 450*560 mm
  • Min Sealing Size: 80*90 mm
  • Machine Size: 19908901300~1530mm
  • Drive: Side Belts
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DQFXC5045 Automatic Carton Sealing Machine – your ultimate solution for sealing and packing cartons with ease! Whether flying solo or rocking the production line, this machine is a game-changer in the small household appliance, food packaging, and express industries, offering automatic sealing with precision.

Features of this carton sealing machine

  • DQFXC5045 automatic carton sealing machine is mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, which can be used alone or as an essential part of the production line.
  • It can widely use in the small household appliance industry, the food packaging industry, express industry, etc, which can realize the packaging products automatically sealed up and down glue.
  • The machine can manually adjust (or automatically adjust) the height and width of different packaging sizes.
  • The automatic carton sealing machine adopts a pneumatic method for packaging automatically, it overcomes some disadvantages when adopts manual or semi-auto ones, such as slow speed and unstable quality.
  • Postal No. 1-12 carton can be sealed, the size of the different carton can be automatically and continuously sealed.
  • The air-jar with every action point adopts post products, the capability is very stable, and this machine will not damage the surface of packaged objects.
  • This type of automatic box sealing machine, using a pneumatic device (self-provided origin is required), can automatically adjust the width and height to seal the box, without manual adjustment.
  • With the characteristic of running well and capability stable, this machine is widely popular with our many customers.
  • For one thing, the packaging working adopts the pneumatic components to control. And for another, it can be all adjustable to carton¡¯s material, thickness and pressure from its position. So it packs goods perfectly.

Specification of this machine

Model DQFXC5045X
Power source 220V, 50Hz, 240W
Sealing capacity 1000pcs (standard size) per hour
Width of the adhesive tape 36, 48 mm
Adhesive tape used BOPP, water-free adhesive Tape, PVC adhesive tape
Max sealing size (W*H) 450*560 mm
Min sealing size (W*H) 80*90 mm
Overall size 1990*890*1300~1530mm



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