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Carton Box Tape Sealing Machine

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The FXJ5050Z is an automatic carton sealer designed for seamless sealing and packaging of fold cartons. It offers quick sealing with adjustable tape width and accommodates various carton sizes effortlessly.

  • Model: FXJ5050Z
  • Power Source: AC220V/50,AC110V/60Hz 400W
  • Speed: 18m/min
  • Tape Width: 48, 60mm
  • Max Sealing Size: 600(L)500(W) 500(H) mm
  • Min Sealing Size: 180 (L)*130 (W)*130 (H)mm
  • Machine Size: 2685(L)*900(W)*1400-1600(H)mm
  • Machine Weight: 180 KG
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Meet the FXJ5050Z Automatic Carton Sealer – your packaging sidekick for quick and easy carton sealing! This machine isn’t just a solo player; it rocks in assembly lines too. Imagine cartons zipping through, sealed up in a snap with its auto-fold magic.

Feature of this machine

  • FXJ5050Z is designed for the automatic sealing and packaging of fold cartons. It’s not just for standalone use but can also seamlessly integrate into assembly line operations.
  • Picture this: the machine effortlessly handles cartons of the same size, sealing them up with sticky tape. When the carton dimensions change, no worries—this smart machine adapts. The upper and back covers fold automatically, ensuring a quick and neat seal without any awkward angles.
  • Here’s how it works: as soon as the cartons touch the middle travel switch, the cylinder gets to work, folding the covers. The back travel switch signals the start of the folding process. Plus, the machine comes equipped with a sealing head that handles both sealing and cutting in one go. You can even adjust the tightness of the tape.
  • Need to switch things up? No problem. Use the handles to tweak the stand column, auto fold unit, and upper sealing head unit to accommodate different carton sizes. Adjust the distance between the press wheels for stability and an aesthetically pleasing seal.
  • Before sealing, this machine folds the left and right covers following the front and back covers. And here’s a cool feature: automatic folding during sealing. The cylinder kicks in when the cartons hit the middle travel switch, and folding begins with the back travel switch.
  • But wait, there’s more—the two sides conveyor starts working when the cartons touch the entrance travel switch. You can even customize the tunnel width with the handle for precise tape placement at the center. This machine is all about efficiency and adaptability, making carton sealing a breeze!


1 review for Carton Box Tape Sealing Machine

  1. admin

    Highly recommended! We’ve been using the Carton Box Tape Sealing Machine for months now, and it’s been incredibly reliable. Even with heavy usage, it hasn’t skipped a beat. The adjustable settings allow us to customize seal strength based on the box size, which is a huge plus. Overall, a fantastic investment for any business dealing with frequent shipping.

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