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The DFXC6050A Box Taping Machine is perfect for sealing and packing cartons, offering easy tape replacement and practical troubleshooting solutions for reliable operation.

  • Model: DFXC6050A
  • Power Source: 220V/50Hz, 360W
  • Sealing Capacity: 1000pcs (standard size) per hour
  • Tape Width: 48, 60, 75mm
  • Max Sealing Size: 500*600 mm
  • Min Sealing Size: 120*110mm
  • Overall Size: 1848*810*1332~1532mm

DFXC6050A  is a very nice carton box taping machine – a versatile solution for efficient carton sealing. With its use of adhesive tape, wide conveyor belt, and ability to handle heavy cartons, it’s perfect for diverse industries. Easy tape replacement, printing capability, and practical troubleshooting solutions make it a reliable choice. Upgrade your packaging process with DFXC6050A!

Using Different Types of Tape machine:

  • Industry Tape: This is strong and good for heavy cartons.
  • Water Activated Tape: This tape sticks better and is strong.
  • Hand Held Tape: Good for small jobs and easy to use.
  • Semi Automatic Tape Machine: Helps to tape cartons quickly and with less effort.
  • Fully Automatic Box Sealers: These seal the box without any help from people.

Feature of this Box Taping Machine

  • Versatile Usage: The DFXC6050A carton sealing machine is used to seal and pack cartons. It can work alone or as part of production lines.
  • Tape Sealing: This automatic box taping machine uses packaging tape, which is a quick and easy way to seal cartons. It seals the top and bottom of the box at the same time.
  • Wide Application: It is used in many areas like home appliances, textiles, food, general merchandise, medicine, and chemicals.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: The DFXC6050A model has three conveyor motors. This allows it to carry heavy cartons. The wide conveyor belts make sure the cartons move smoothly, even when they are heavy.
  • Ease of Maintenance: You can easily take out the taping head and change the tape. You can also use printed tape to make your product look better.

Specification of this box tape dispenser machine

Model DFXC6050A
Power source 220V/50Hz, 360W
Sealing capacity 1000pcs (standard size) per hour
Width of the adhesive tape 48, 60, 75mm
Adhesive tape used BOPP, water-free adhesive Tape, PVC adhesive tape
Max sealing size (W*H) 500*600 mm
Min sealing size (W*H) 120*110mm
Overall size 1848*810*1332~1532mm

How does it works?

Follow this video, you will find how does the machine work? You also can get more video here

Common problems and Solutions of this box tape dispenser machine

  1. Carton Jamming
    • Cause: This happens when the tape roller nut is too tight, the carton height is not set right, or the spring is too tight.
    • Solution: Loosen the nut, adjust the height, or loosen the spring.
  2. Tape Breaking During Sealing
    • Cause: The cutting blade may be out too far.
    • Solution: Adjust the blade to the correct position.
  3. Tape Shifting During Sealing
    • Cause: The pressure on the side rollers may be uneven.
    • Solution: Adjust the side rollers to make sure the pressure is even.

By fixing these problems using the tips above, you can make sure the DFXC6050A carton sealing machine works well and lasts a long time. you can get more fix idea in Repair Tutorial. we also supply ​box taping machine replacement parts.

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