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Automatic Box Sealer


The DFXS-7050 Automatic Box Sealer operates unmanned with advanced automatic functions. With adjustable tape width and precise sealing, it’s suitable for high-volume packaging.

  • Model: DFXS-7050
  • Power Source: AC 220/380V 50/60HZ
  • Speed: 18m/min
  • Tape Width: 48mm, 60mm, 72mm
  • Air Pressure: 5.5-6kg/cm3
  • Max Packing Dimension: 700500 500 mm
  • Min Packing Dimension: 280 (L)*200 (W)*180 (H)mm
  • Machine Size: 1955(L)*1340(W)*1330 (H)mm
  • Weight of Package: 2.5-30 kg
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This Automatic Box Sealer operates unmanned, thanks to an advanced system with photoelectric detection and automatic functions. Easily adjustable for different product specifications, this machine ensures fast, high-volume packaging without compromising quality or appearance. Connect it seamlessly with other carton sealing machines for edge sealing in production lines. With a robust structure and a new sealing head design, it guarantees stability and durability. Keep your cartons dry, clean, and in top shape for optimal performance. Upgrade your packaging efficiency with our state-of-the-art machine!

Feature of this machine

  • Operating with an automatic system featuring photoelectric detection, automatic wake-up, and alarms, this machine is designed for unmanned, automatic operation.
  • Easily adaptable with convenient product transformation specification adjustments, it utilizes high-quality international brand electrical components known for their reliable quality.
  • This machine can be seamlessly connected with other carton sealing machines, like FXJ6050, FXJ5050B, FXJ5050Z, enabling online edge sealing for seams and corners in a production line. The outlet can also be linked with strapping or film wrapping machines for continuous operations.
  • With swift packaging capabilities, it meets high-volume production demands while ensuring stable sealing quality and a tidy appearance.
  • The four-corner edge sealing machine boasts a novel structure sealing head, delivering excellent sealing effects, stable quality, and long-lasting durability with minimal frame deformation.
  • Featuring a robust structure, precise guide bar positioning, and simple maintenance procedures, the entire machine is built for reliability.
  • Specific carton requirements must be met, including keeping cartons dry (avoiding sealing wet cartons), ensuring cartons are free of any contaminants, and preventing the sealing of deformed cartons, especially those with break-off wave shapes. Additionally, the side creases of cartons should be neat.
  • Tape requirements include avoiding the use of center-deformed tapes, paper tapes, uneven width and thickness tapes, tapes with surface scratches, and those with a production date exceeding six months.

Specification of this machine

Model DFXS-7050
Power source AC 220/380V 50/60HZ
Speed 18m/min
Width of the adhesive tape 48mm. 60mm. 72mm
Air Pressure 5.5-6kg/cm3
Adhesive tape used BOPP, PVC, Kraft Paper Tape
Max. packing dimension 700*500* 500 mm
Min. packing dimension 280 (L)*200 (W)*180 (H)mm
Machine size 1955(L)*1340(W)*1330 (H)mm
Weight of Package (kg) 2.5-30
Height of working table(MM) 550-630MM



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