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Automatic Carton Sealer


Carton Erector and Bottom Tape Sealer


The DKX4540 seamlessly integrates into automated lines, offering automatic unboxing, folding, and sealing. With adjustable tape width and stable performance, it’s ideal for efficient carton packaging.

  • Model: DKX4540
  • Power Source: 220V/380V 50-60HZ
  • Carton Size: L250-450mm/W150-400mm/H150-400mm
  • Speed: 8-12 box/min
  • Tape: W48mm-W60-75mm*L1000
  • seal the top and bottom
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Meet the DKX4540 – seamlessly integrating into automated lines, it’s the must-have for efficient, fuss-free carton packaging. From unboxing to sealing, it’s your go-to for easy operation, minimal maintenance, and rock-steady performance. Switching carton sizes? Quick manual adjustment in minutes.

Feature of this machine

  1. The DKX4540 isn’t just for standalone use – it seamlessly integrates into automated packaging lines, all under the smooth control of PLC+ HMI.
  2. This auto unpacking marvel handles it all – automatic unboxing, lower cover folding, and bottom carton sealing – no manual fuss needed.
  3. With easy operation, minimal maintenance, and rock-steady performance, it’s a must-have in automatic production, effortlessly managing box suction, molding, folding, and sealing.
  4. Designed for efficiency, it simultaenously forms, folds, and seals, perfect for cartons of the same size.
  5. Vertical storage for carton blanks allows on-the-fly additions without any machine downtime.
  6. Need to switch carton sizes? A quick manual adjustment by the operator (done in 2-3 minutes) and you’re good to go.
  7. Pro tip: After some use, tighten those conveyor belts to keep things sliding smoothly and avoid damage to the leading belt.
  8. Master the pressure-valve game: If the manometer’s out of line, grab the pressure-adjuster cover, turn clockwise to amp it up, or counterclockwise to dial it down. Take it step by step, press the cover, and voila – stable working pressure achieved.

Specification of this machine

Model DKX4540
Power source 220V/380V 50-60HZ
Carton size L250-450mm/W150-400mm/H150-400mm
Table height Min.H600mm Max.H720mm
Speed 8-12 box/min
Dimension L2075*W1270*H1575-1650mm
Air source 2/3L 5Kgf/cm_
Tape W48mm-W60-75mm*L1000
Weight NW-400KGS GW-550KGS



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