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User Manual for LF1080 Series Continuous Air Suction Band Sealer

Thank you for buying the LF1080 Series Continuous Air Suction Band Sealer. This machine is easy to use and is good for sealing plastic bags in food, medicine, and other industries. Please read this manual before using the machine.

2. Features

This machine seals plastic bags. It is widely used in food, medicine, fish, chemical, and electronic industries. It controls temperature and speed to seal different plastic bags.

3. Specifications

Model LF1080A Continuous Air Suction Band Sealer LF1080B Continuous Gas Flushing Band Sealer
Power Supply 110/220V, 50~60Hz 110/220V, 50~60Hz
Power 875W 875W
Sealing Speed 0~12 m/min 0~12 m/min
Sealing Width 6~12 mm 6~12 mm
Temperature Range 0~300℃ 0~300℃
Film Thickness ≤0.08 mm ≤0.08 mm
Max Load ≤3 Kg ≤3 Kg
Dimensions 1025x450x940+140 mm 1025x450x940+140 mm
Weight 85 Kg 85 Kg

Structure and Working Principle

  • Structure: The machine has a frame, support, conveyor belt, sealing part, and air suction part.
  • Working Principle: Plug in the machine. Turn on the heat switch, air suction switch, and print switch. When the temperature is right, put the air suction nozzle into the plastic bag. Press the foot switch to start suction. Move the bag to the conveyor belt for sealing and printing.

Control Panel

  • Switches: Power switch, heat switch, fan switch, date print switch, air suction switch, gas switch, counter switch, emergency stop switch.
  • Adjusters: Date print position adjuster, date print temperature controller, speed adjuster, temperature controller, vacuum gauge.

Operating Instructions

  • Adjust the Machine: Make sure all parts are in the right place.
  • Set the Temperature: Choose the right temperature for your bag. Use the temperature adjuster.
  • Air Suction: If your model has a vacuum function, use the vacuum pump and switches.
  • Seal the Bag: Put the bag on the sealing belt. Make sure the bag mouth is straight. Start the machine to seal the bag.
  • Print the Date: If needed, adjust the print position and content.
  • Check the Seal: After sealing, check the bag to make sure it is sealed well.

Circuit Diagram

The manual provides a circuit diagram for fixing and maintaining the machine.

Spare Parts

No. Part Name Quantity Specification Note
1 Back Cover 1
2 Power Switch 1 DZ47-63-2P
3 Electrical Installation Plate 1


Problem Cause Solution
Belt Runs Off Drive and idle wheels not parallel Adjust idle wheel screws
Belt Breaks Easily Belt too tight Adjust idle wheel base screws
Seal Pattern Not Clear Worn pressure wheel Replace pressure wheel
Print Not Clear Ink wheel heater not heating Check heater switch and heater
Low Vacuum Broken vacuum pump Repair or replace vacuum pump
Low Gas Pressure Sensor switch too early or late Adjust sensor


  • Keep Clean: Clean the machine regularly.
  • Check Screws: Check screws and fasteners every day.
  • Oil Parts: Oil moving parts regularly.
  • Turn Off Power: Turn off power and gas when not using the machine.
  • Professional Repair: Let a professional fix the machine if needed.

List of Spare Parts

No. Item Specification Unit Quantity
1 Sealing Belt 750*15 Teflon Belt pcs 6
2 Guide Belt pcs 2
3 O-ring φ4×53 pcs 1
4 Motor Brush pcs 2
5 Brass Mold 3*5 (box) Ink Print box 1
6 Test Pen 3 inches pcs 1
7 Manual LF1080 Sealer Manual pcs 1
8 Hex Wrench 6 pcs 1
9 Hex Wrench 4 pcs 1
10 Screwdriver Large Crosshead pcs 1
11 C Wrench pcs 1

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