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The BSS-1538B Bottle Sleeve Machine wraps labels on various bottle shapes. It features intelligent temperature control and smooth operation. The machine has adjustable speed and ensures uniform shrinkage. A heat gun can be used for touch-ups.

  • Model: BSS-1538B
  • Power: 9 KW
  • Max. Packing Size: 105*350H mm
  • Size of Shrink Tunnel: 1000150380 mm
  • Conveyor Motor: AC90W/220V
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-10m/min
  • Loading Weight: 15kg
  • Weight: 96 kg
  • Dimension: 1500*350*1500 mm
  • Shrink Film: POF, PP, PVC
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Feature of this machine

1. BSS-1538 Series label shrink packaging machine is mainly applied to shrink the label of the product in bottle shape, cup shape, or barrel shape. BSS-1538B can shrink labels both on the whole bottle and in the middle of the bottle. BSS-1538B has a longer tunnel than BSS-1538D.

2. Regarding temp. control, the combination of intelligent temp. meter and solid booster are adopted. This saves energy.

3. Temp. control of part shrink tunnel according to the position of the label is achieved. This enhances the packing effect greatly and reduces the influence on the product in the bottle.

4. Intelligent shrinkage temperature control; Transmission speed is stepless adjusted by the electronic governor; a Unique conveying device to ensure smooth conveying; The 360-degree rotation is heated to ensure uniform contraction.

5. Place the machine on the level ground, and connect it on the earth for the safety of the operator.

6. Do the relevant adjustment to the different model machines. As to models B and D, no special adjustment is needed.

7. Switch off power while doing maintenance. A technician is required. Or ask our company for help.

8. During the guaranteed time of one year, when the case happens because of the bad quality, our company will offer the main parts for free, excluding short-life parts. If it is because of improper operating or by natural accident, we will charge for spare parts and service.

9. When the user does it, our company can send parts with charge.

Specification of this machine 

Model BSS-1538B
Power 9 KW
Max. packing size (mm) 105*350H
Size of shrink tunnel (mm) 1000*150*380
Conveyor motor AC90W/220V
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min
Loading weight 15kg
Weight 96 kg
Dimension (mm) 1500*350*1500
Shrink film POF PP PVC



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