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Steam Label Shrink Machine


The DZBS1135 Steam Label Shrink Machine wraps cosmetics, dairy, and beverages. It has high thermal efficiency and uniform temperature. The machine operates stably and precisely controls temperature. It ensures effective shrinking and safety. Shrink wrappers are used to handle the products being wrapped.

  • Model: DZBS1135
  • Power: 150W
  • Max. Packing Size: 80*300H mm
  • Size of Shrink Tunnel: 1000110350 mm
  • Conveyor Motor: AC120W/220V
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-10m/min
  • Loading Weight: 15kg
  • Machine Size: 1520*400*1250 mm
  • Shrink Film: POF, PP, PVC
  • Weight: 68kg
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Feature of this machine

  • 1. DZBS1135 steam label shrink machine is mainly used in heat shrink labels of cosmetics, dairy products, beverages, and other products after labeling. This machine has high thermal efficiency, shrink chamber temperature uniformity, stable and reliable, accurate temperature control and a series of advantages, well-adapted to modern trends and development of new products.
  • 2. In order to help clients properly use and better able to play a role, we have operational instruction which will help you understand the basic performance of the machine, structure, operation and maintenance methods, facilitating you to use the machine properly, so as to play the best performance, reduce failure and prolong service life.
  • 3. Place the machine on flat ground, remove the outer packaging.
  • 4. Push the machine to the installation location, according to figure 1 install the machine, then access the regulation power and steam source, meanwhile, check each part of the machine whether you have any loose, dislocation and damage caused by transit.
  • 5. In order to the personal safety of the operator, before using the machine must be grounded according to regulations, and to ensure good contact, according to the signs on the machine of the power supply voltage (don’t make mistakes).
  • 6. If everything is normal, the conveyor switch adjusts to playing the left-most position, turn the power switch on the control box, power indicator light.
  • 7. At this time the machine starts running, observe whether the movement of the transport mechanism is normal. Conveyor speed can be adjusted to the appropriate speed according to need.
  • 8. Tunnel adjustment: Adjust conveyor and shrink room inside guard lever position so that both sides of the lever from the bottle 1 ~ 2mm, to ensure that bottles can smoothly through the tunnel.

Specification of this machine

Model DZBS-1135 Model LDR18-0.4-Z
Power 150W Power 9/18 KW
Max. packing size (mm) 80 * 300H Voltage 380V, 3 phase
Size of shrink tunnel (mm) 1000*110*350 Pressure 0.4Mpa
Conveyor motor AC120W/220V Volume 27L
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min Steam quantity 24kg/h
Loading weight 15kg Weight 76kgs
Weight 68kg
Machine size (mm) 1520*400*1250
Shrink film POF PP PVC

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