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Label Shrink Tunnel


Heat Shrink Wrap Machine


The steam-shrink model offers high efficiency and simple operation. It is suitable for various bottle shapes. The shrink wrap tunnel ensures uniform shrinkage.

  • Model: ZBS-83A
  • Power: 150W
  • Max Packing Size: 120*350H
  • Shrink Tunnel Size: 1350180380mm
  • Capacity: 5000~15000B/H
  • Conveyor Motor: AC120W/220V
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-10m/min
  • Loading Weight: 15kg
  • Machine Size: 2400*430*1350mm
  • Shrink Film: POF, PP, PVC
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Feature of this machine

  • 1. The machine adopts steam-shrink model with S/S structure. It has the advantage of high efficiency in energy-consumption, simple operation and easy adjustment.
  • 2. Achieve perfect shrink effect with the lowest power consumption. 5-section design in shrink tunnel, independent temp. control in each section, as well as height adjustment and distance, adjust between objects. Any shape bottle is able to reach a nice-looking shrink effect after simple adjust.
  • 3. ZBS83A Steam-type label shrink machine is our new-developed shrink machine. It adopts steam as a heat source to shrink bottle label and is widely applied in the industry of mineral water, pure water, carbonated drinks, juice and tea drinks etc.
  • 4. The machine has the advantage of high efficiency in energy-consumption, simple operation and easy adjustment.
  • 5. Drain water from the sink and sewage pipe every work shift.
  • 6. Do not put any other stuff on a conveyor belt in case of damaging belt and shrink tunnel.
  • 7. Check the steam valves often, to see that they are blocked or leaking or not.
  • 8. Exam machine once a month, check all moving parts, driving parts, check nuts and relevant parts are tight enough, fasten it if it is loose.
  • 9. Do a complete examination once a half year. Check all moving parts, exchange short-life parts if it is time, check all wire connection and electrical parts, clean dust from the circuit board and other parts.

Specification of this machine

Model ZBS-83A Model LDR24-0.4-Z
Power 150W Power 12/24 KW
Max. packing size (mm) 120*350H Voltage 380V, 3 phase
Size of shrink tunnel (mm) 1350*180*380 Pressure 0.4Mpa
Capacity 5000~15000B/H Volume 27L
Conveyor motor AC120W/220V Steam quantity 24kg/h
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min Weight 76kgs
Loading weight 15kg
Weight 150kg
Machine size (mm) 2400*430*1350
Shrink film POF PP PVC


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