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Label Shrink Tunnel


Heat Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine


The BSS-1538C Label Shrink Machine wraps labels on bottles, cans, or barrels. It adjusts the height of the shrink tunnel for different bottle sizes. The machine controls temperature and conveyor speed precisely. It utilizes a side seal shrink method for secure packaging.

  • Model: BSS-1538C
  • Power: 6KW
  • Max. Packing Size: 105*350H mm
  • Size of Shrink Tunnel: 1000150150 mm
  • Conveyor Motor: AC90W/220V
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-10m/min
  • Loading Weight: 15kg
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Dimension: 1500*350*1500 mm
  • Shrink Film: POF, PP, PVC


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Feature of this machine

1. BSS-1538C label shrink machines are mainly used to shrink the label of the product in bottle shape, can shape or barrel shape with glass bottle, plastic bottle or paper cup.

2. BSS-1538C is to shrink label on the top of the bottle. Its advantage is to be able to adjust the height of the shrink tunnel according to the bottle size.

3. Here are the control panels. Power: control the power of the machine; Fan: control the motor of a fan; Conveyor: control the motor of conveyor; Heating: control the heating pipes; Temp. meter: adjust temp. of shrink tunnel; Speed Adjuster: adjust the speed of conveyor; Upper Heating: adjust heating of upper heating pipes; Down Heating: adjust heating of down heating pipes.

4. The height of BSS-1538C is decided by the height of the bottle. Lose the nuts and let shrink tunnel to be about 5cm higher than bottle; make sure that it is in the level; tighten the nuts in the end.

5. Confirm the power supply requirement of the machine, and plug in the machine with the right power source as noted on the tag.

6. Put on the main power switch on the right side of the machine and power switch on the control panel. Then its light will be on.

7. Put on the button of __eating_, then temp. the meter shows the current temp. and setting temp; set required temp. according to the thickness of the film, normally 150-170_.

8. Maximize the knob of upper & down heating to heat shrink tunnel. After it reaches temp., adjust the knob according to the practical shrink effect and position of the label. BSS-1538C only has one knob of heating adjustment, without division of upper and down adjustment.

Specification of this machine 

Model BSS-1538C
Power 6KW
Max. packing size (mm) 105*350H
Size of shrink tunnel (mm) 1000*150*150
Conveyor motor AC90W/220V
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min
Loading weight 15kg
Weight 90 kg
Dimension (mm) 1500*350*1500
Shrink film POF PP PVC


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